Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aly Michalka Looking Hot in Maxim!

We’ve always known Aly has a gorgeous face. And she’s recently started showing off her amazing rack, but I didn’t even really notice her beautiful leg they’re so long they didn’t even fit on the one page in the magazine!

We’re pretty sure that CW execs have been eavesdropping on our “things we’d do if we ran the world” conversations, because they’ve actually taken our top idea—“make more shows about cheerleaders”—and run with it in the form of Hellcats. The cherry on top was casting supersexy Aly Michalka in the role of smart but flexible Marti Perkins: She’s hot, she’s nimble, and, gentlemen, she’s single!
What exactly is a “hellcat”?
A hellcat is just fierce—somebody who’s going to go for it 110 percent no matter what they do.
So we shouldn’t mess with a hellcat?
No, definitely not.
What’s it like playing a cheerleader?
My mother was a Raiderette and a Rams cheerleader, so I think I have it in my blood somewhere.
Is there anything at all appealing to women about male cheerleaders?
Yeah! Male cheerleaders are extremely masculine, especially when you understand how athletic these guys need to be. They are literally holding 120-pound girls up in the air with one hand. That’s pretty insane! A lot of these guys are actually dating their stunt partner or the flyer
on one of the teams.
You may have just caused half of Maxim’s readership to desert the football team and go into cheerleading.
Are there any cheerleading moves that would lend themselves to martial arts?
Oh, yeah, for sure! Especially with my character, Marti. She definitely comes from a street background, and I think she incorporates some of those moves in her cheerleading.
So we could get an army of cheerleaders fighting crime?
Hey, there you go. Season 2, you never know…
We can’t help noticing that you’re in phenomenal shape. What part of your body are you most proud of?
Probably my abs. I really worked on them, and they’re starting to get me some attention. I’m pretty happy about that, I’ve got to say.
What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
This guy at a party grabs my hand, and he’s like, “Hello, come to Paris with me next week.”
I’m like, “What? You don’t know me.” He says, “It doesn’t matter. We can get to know each other in Paris.” I wanted to run away and just be like, “Eww! You’re strange!” I want to make guys like that feel bad, so I tell them I’m 17 even though I’m 21, so they feel like perverts. They freak out, like, “Oh, you’re 17! Oh, sorry, sorry!” But some of them really don’t care. That’s when you know they’re weirdos.
So what kind of guy are you into?
I’m definitely one of those chicks who want to be in a relationship. I need somebody who can make me laugh and entertain me.
And someone who can hold you up in the air with one hand.

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