Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bella Thorne Hairstyles: Bobby Pinned updo

Supplies Needed for an Easy Updo

You'll need:
  • hair spray
  • mousse
  • a flat brush
  • a ponytail holder
  • bobby pins
  • a brooch to decorate your up-do

Best Hair Texture for Updos

To do an updo at home, you're going to put a little moose into dry hair. I wouldn't shampoo the hair the day of the updo or the event, a little bit of oil in the hair is best for the hair to stay together.

Pull the Hair Into an Updo

Now we've created some lift in the crown. Again taking the brush, and putting the hair into a low ponytail. Take your ponytail holder, and you can do this one of two ways: Take the hair, and only pull it half way through.

Or you can pull it all the way through, creating a low ponytail on the back of the head, then taking a piece of hair from underneath the ponytail, sprits a little hairspray, wrap it around the ponytail holder.

Finish the Easy Updo

Take your hair pin, or bobby pin, place it into the ponytail. Then you can take a broach, take a bobby pin and slide it through the metal piece, then take the bobby pin and slide it into the updo. 

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