Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Selena Gomez Gets Nervous On The Red Carpet

She's 18. She has over five million followers on Twitter. She's expected to grace red carpets like a pro alongside actors who've been attending award shows for twice as long as she's been alive. Selena Gomez is under a nonstop microscope and recently said she gets nervous walking the red carpet at glitzy events. Is this some sort of shock?

Selena recently told Look: "It's pretty scary! It's not that I'm not confident in myself, it's just that the red carpet is not somewhere I feel totally comfortable."

Why would she feel comfortable? Most 18-year-olds are applying to colleges and driving around in their Jeeps. She's not supposed to be wired for wearing multi-thousand dollar gowns and getting snapped a gazillion time kissing her teenage boyfriend.

She summarized that it doesn't "come naturally" to her. Yep. She might be more insightful than whoever decided to ask her how it feels to walk the red carpet.

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