Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brenda Song Crying after a visit to the hospital!

Brenda Song couldn't hold back her tears as she exited a car in an oversized t-shirt and slippers, after a trip to the hospital in LA, on

The former Disney star was escorted by her boyfriend, Miley Cyrus's big bro Trace, and mom Tish, who picked up the actress at Providence St.
Joseph Hospital in Burbank, before bringing her back home to rest.
An X17 photographer on the scene tells us[x17]:
"Brenda seemed really upset. She was sobbing and covering her face
and Trace was obviously really concerned. He helped Brenda out of the
car — he appeared worried because she was weak."
Trace followed his girlfriend inside to comfort her, while Tish helped around the house by taking out the trash. The pair left Brenda's
side after a few of hours, and returned to their Toluca Lake home nearby.

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