Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Abigail Breslin: I change my style

Abigail Breslin's style is continually going "back and forth".
The 15-year-old actress' fashion sense is ever-evolving, and her wardrobe choices are based on the mood she is in that day.
Abigail never rules any trend out - as long as it compliments something else in her closet.
"It kind of depends on the day. Some days, I feel like being really classic with my clothes and some days, I am more rocker and more bohemian, it kind of goes back and forth," she told Stylist of her fashion choices.
"I wouldn't say that I would never wear something, I think that it's all about finding things to make something work, finding things to pair it with."
The star was speaking from the front row at Tommy Hilfiger's Fall/Winter 2012 show at New York Fashion Week on Sunday night. She donned a black patterned top with a high-waisted black skirt which showed off her elegant style.
The child actress has come a long way since launching onto the Hollywood scene.
"I don't know if it's hard to transition from being a child star. The older I get, the older the roles I'm playing and I can definitely do different things. Obviously, I'm not going to play a 12-year-old anymore, so it's just kind of happening naturally," she explained.
Abigail was joined by a host of stars at the Park Avenue Armory at the weekend.
Uma Thurman, Krysten Ritter, Petra Nemcova, and Chelsea and Mia Tyler were all in attendance.

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