Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ali Lohan’s New, Short Haircut: Do You Like it or Not?

In what might be an attempt to distance herself from her extension-loving (but on a comeback!) sister Lindsay, Ali Lohan has debuted a short new ‘do. She now has wispy bangs, and what looks like a blunt cut hitting right at her shoulders.
I’ll be the first to weigh in here: I like it. I think it makes her look more natural and carefree than the heavy layers of thick, maybe-real, maybe-faux locks that she usually sports, and that are essentially de rigeur with young Hollywood. Ironically, in this picture her face looks more Lindsay-equse than ever before, but I think she also has a trace of elegance that…well, frankly, that often goes missing in the mugs of other members of the family Lohan.
What do you think?

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