Sunday, May 8, 2011

Justin Bieber's Phone Blunder

Justin Bieber tried to call his new BFF Chris Brown on his birthday to wish him a happy one. Yet he dialed the wrong number and got an old man who did not believe him. Here is what Justin tweeted about it.
"Chris Brown happy birthday man… call me cuz u programed yr new number wrong in my phone. I was calling this old guy who didn’t believe he was talking to me"
You know he must have felt so embarrassed by that. I hate calling people for that exact reason. However, hopefully he handled it with class like we know he can. Do you feel bad for Justin? Do you think he should have made it publicly known like he did on Twitter or should he have kept it more private? That’s a tough one to say. It does not paint him in a good light, but he did have a right to wish Chris a happy birthday.

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